Children (Kids)

   Children and the future?

We are proud and happy that the M&M’s success story starting a family and change now to 3Ms.

   Miranda Helena Catherina Sofia   

   Miranda Helena Catherina Sofia
I was born on Friday, January 16th 2015 at 12:51 o’clock with 2735 grams and 47 centimeters!


Take the time to visit my website and take a look at my photos .
At the moment I’m at home with my parents, consuming milk and sleeping well a lot :-). Please call me to arrange your visit, thank you. I am pleased to welcome you soon at my home with me and until then, I will continue to growing each day little bit more . . .


   Baby #2  

• What name it should get?

stork with baby

Once the time comes we will let you know here!
Thank you for your return visit after nine months.

Miranda & Michèl  M.

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