Swiss hydroelectric power

The ecology is a big topic today! We life ecology and greenICT everywhere!


   Website hosting

greenHosting — professional hosting of your website

greenHosting offers the right web hosting package for a professional Internet presence. Thanks to the high-performance infrastructure, those website data are securely stored on Swiss servers from greenHosting – the high-availability data centers are internationally certified.

These website is backed up daily in multiple data centers and they give you a free support in three languages if you have any questions.



   greenICT — greenEco

We live greenICT everywhere

greenData Center in particular has outstanding energy efficiency and was awarded the Prix Watt d’Or in the building and space category. This highly advanced data center uses the latest cooling technology and serves as a global showcase for the potential of DC technology. greenData Center also received the ISO 50001 certification for energy management systems, a worldwide highly regarded certification.

Our environmental commitment is our equally at heart. That’s why we go careful with our natural resources in order to make us all possible energy saving measures. In line with , we take the greenEco option and cover 100% of their electricity requirements with Swiss hydroelectric stations.

neue Option greenEco

We are committed to alternative energy. As an active member of various organizations, we support operators of natural energy sources. The greenEco option offer us the option of using electricity generated solely in Swiss hydroelectric stations.

We continue to actively support our environment. We invest in state-of-the-art technologies to provide sustainable, future-oriented solutions.


  Data center  

Data center

Data center services — that meet the highest requirements

The greenData Center solution offer us a tailored to different hosting and housing needs. These server hosting and housing solutions range from quarter racks to individually laid out flexible rooms that can be extended.

We work with greenData Center together to determine the optimal solution for our security and volume of data.



   Electricity and energy

Energy-efficient data center

greenData Center was designed in line with greenICT, a consistent ecological concept for an energy-efficient data center with an outstanding PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). As of July 23, 2013, greenData Center is certified in accordance with the recognized ISO 50001 standard. This standard requires companies to implement comprehensive energy management systems and to continually and systematically improve the ecobalance.
greenData Center is an especially energy-efficient data center, achieving a PUE up to 1.19. The PUE shows the relationship between server power consumption and the power consumption of the entire data center. A study conducted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in 2007 showed that data centers in the USA had an average PUE of 2.


DC energy distribution system

In addition to traditional AC technology, greenData Center also uses a completely new type of DC energy distribution system that has many advantages:

  • Reduced cooling requirements
  • Powers savings of 10% to 20% over AC
  • Space savings
  • Less complexity and higher reliability
  • Lower operating costs


greenICT — greenEco

greenData Center is more than an energy-efficient data center.

Innovative new energy savings measures, particularly for our infrastructure, we develop targeted projects in cooperation with renowned partners from industry and research.

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