(First) Aid

   First Aid for you?



If you need help, we are supporting you!


  Fire brigade  

   Fire brigade and fire fighter

Fire Brigade   —   I was a volunteer firefighter for over 10 years in the community of Kilchberg ZH and the City of Zurich at «Schutz & Rettung Zurich».




Paramedic   —   During my time in the fire service, I was trained as a paramedic and also with the «First-Aid-Team» at Hewlett-Packard Company, I was able to expand and share my knowledge.


  Search and Rescue (SAR)  

   Searche and Rescue
Search and Rescue (SAR)   —   Recently I am involved in the «LAGO SeeDienst S+R Zugersee» and have the license permit for motor boats on the lake.



Church St. Elisabeth Kilchberg ZH   —   The Church of St. Elizabeth is the Roman Catholic parish church of Kilchberg ZH in the Canton of Zurich.

We are in the following topics for you:
Family labor, child church and further education

Seniors work:
home visits, exercises while sitting, events, training opportunities and pilgrimages

Ecumenical parish work:
Age afternoons, shipping for seniors, men fail 50+, Friday aperitif Women, Networking the parish deals with the social environment, construction and support of the people

Royal parish network of volunteers:
Individual assistance, social services and contact with authorities and arranging counseling centers and specialized agencies (Pro Senectute, Caritas etc.