Search and Rescue (SAR)

   LAGO SeeDienst S+R Zugersee

LAGO SeeDienst S+R

• Search

I am involved since 2012 with the «LAGO SeeDienst S+R Zugersee» (S+R) and bring my knowledge from my more then ten years of activity in the fire rescue services in this organization.

• Rescue

Another I will pass the test boat on Lake of Zug to be used as a coxswain. Because of my proximity to train I have a ready availability of and am particularly at weekends.

Steuermann Mischa im Einsatz

Too my swimming and diving skills come good. We work closely with the «Swiss Rescue Society» (SLRG) together – hand in hand!

First Officer is on board of LAGO “SZ 162” and ready for the mission!