At home

   Our home is in Switzerland, Zurich, Kilchberg ZH

   Home country  

We enjoy the beautiful and picturesque countryside and the mountains in our homeland, flag


   Home city  

We are in the city of Zurich and around of Zurich at home.Zurich flag



We are both born in Zurich and raised, went to school and did our apprenticeship at a travel agency and an engineering firm. There we go to movies, restaurants, shopping and meet up with friends.

Quartier Friesenberg Zurich


   Civic community  

I live in the community of Kilchberg ZH near Zurich since 1999 and I am there since November 2010 citizens. I like the proximity to Zurich and I am fast by bus, boat and train in the city. Within my apartment, it has a pharmacy, bank, shop, post office, train station and restaurants. I left Kilchberg ZH in 2021 for a new decade in my life.Kilchberg ZH flag


   Civic community  


We have moved to Arni AG in the Canton Aargau.

Very close to the City of Zurich, in the Canton Aargau we have found a new place to life

Gemeinde Wappen